Visthar Ranga Shaale – Theatre for Social Transformation

Visthar Ranga Shaale inaugurated an amazing 4-month residential course on October 7th, 2022. “Theatre for Social Transformation” is structured to bring social justice issues into theatre.

“The course is aimed at unlearning and learning throughout using theatre”, says Dheemanth. “We use theatre as a method to raise awareness – to become aware of gender inequality, to conduct social and gender analysis, etc.”

Students will learn folk dance, song, and body movements, along with technical areas of theatre like make-up, masking etc. “Kollatta, Kalari payattu, and Kamsaale are some of the folk arts students will learn during the course”, says Mariyamma. “Through them too, students will learn how theatre in its small to big aspects can be used for social transformation.”

There are 12 students participating in the course. These young women and men are from Koppal, Bidar, Hospet and Chitradurga districts of North Karnataka. The course will be facilitated by faculty of Visthar Ranga Shaale, along with external experts. Students stay at the Visthar campus in Koppal where the course is being facilitated.

As a part of the course, students have prepared a street play on Child Marriage and Child labour with the guidance of Mariyamma Chudi and Dheemanth Ram. The play is being performed in the villages of Koppal district. We wish all the very best to the students in their journey.

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