International Education

For over two decades, Visthar offered a Study-Abroad programme to Liberal Arts Colleges, Gustavus Adolphus College and Concordia College, Minnesota, USA. The programme attracted students pursuing a wide range of academic courses and social engagements. During the 105-day stay and immersion into contemporary Indian realities, students would travel to six states in India and interact with grassroots communities accompanied by a faculty leader. Through field visits, classroom work and study they not only encounter Indian culture but also gain a first-hand understanding of the impact of global policies on countries such as India. The semester was accredited by the colleges.

The programme includes the following courses:

  1. Religion, Ethics and Social Change
  2. Earth care and Adaptation
  3. Human Rights and Economic Justice
  4. Democracy, Conflict and Peace

Visthar offers the course to overseas educational institutions. Please write to [email protected] for details.








I have led three groups of students   for the Study Abroad program,
and I can say without any qualification whatever that India never fails to surprise.
The semester on Social Justice Peace and Development (SJPD)
has undergone many changes over the years. Thanks to the dynamic staff at Visthar,
it remains one of the finest study abroad programs in all of the American higher education.

Prof. Douglas Huff