Resilience – COVID Response

Resilience (Restoring Livelihoods and Ensuring Child Safety) is a joint program of Kerk in Actie and Partners in India. The project endeavours to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with a multi-pronged human rights-based approach. The aim is to reach out to people affected by the pandemic and support them in preventing, addressing and mitigating risks and vulnerabilities associated with COVID-19. Recovery from the pandemic would require both immediate (sustenance, psycho-social, medical support etc.) and long-term needs (education, livelihood, future food security) to be addressed.

The interventions are not only about providing humanitarian services but also to address the long-term recovery and resilience building of the communities. Learnings from the proposed pilot phase (12 months) of the project will be shared with Kerk in Actie partners in India to facilitate exchange of information