Leadership for Social Transformation

Visthar serves civil society institutions and faith based organisations in perspective formation and capacity building of youth. In collaboration with the Communion of Anawim Christian Communities, Visthar has been offering a one-month course titled Leadership for Social Transformation (LST).  The course aims at enabling youth to explore a vocation as change agents with perspectives and skills for social engagement. The pedagogical design is inter modular with two theoretical intensive periods and field work based on  clearly designed social research and project.

The course content includes

  1. Social analysis
  2. Social Research
  3. English language
  4. Leadership
  5. Communication
  6. Constitution of India
  7. Dalit epistemology
  8. Re-reading Scriptures
  9. Ambedkar and the prophetic traditions.

The course is open to young men and women, between the age of 20 and 25,  intermediate pass and a working knowledge of English.