Bodhi Vana

Bodhi Vana at Visthar is conceived as a sacred grove. Sacred groves are spaces that protect and preserve rare fauna and flora, that the Earth can return to regenerate Herself. It is the primal store house of Life. The Bodhi Vana is designed as a place for reflection inspired by the ecological meanings of the sacred groves. 

As you enter the Bodhi Vana, to your right is the old dry well, lost its meaning and once abandoned, but for the last 17 years has been repurposed as a well of regeneration. The dry well is a witness to our flawed developmental aspirations. As an extension of the form of the well is the circular wall. Sections of this wall are made out of materials that are segregated and discarded. This wall, called Martyrs Wall, symbolically represents all those who are thrown out of our vicinity and have become martyrs.

The architectural space at Bodhi Vana is an intimate small space, a pyramidal structure from four feet below the earth pointing to the sky. It connects the earth and sky like a tree. Space invites you to sit, to sit in the company co-seekers, to heal ourselves and the suffering Earth. To regenerate the earth and us within the meaning and glory of mutual fecundity.