Raising Awareness Through Street Play

The Visthar Ranga Shale has started a 4-month course on theatre for transformation in October. The 13 members of the team have developed a street play to raise awareness on Child Marriage and Child Labour. The street play is named “Makkala Rakshane Nammellara Hone” (“Protection of children is our duty”). It was developed with the guidance of Mariyamma Chudi and Dheemanth Ram.

This is a great way for us to communicate with people on sensitive topics like Child Marriage and Child Labour” says Nazar, Director of Visthar Community programs. The street play supports our existing community programs “Kanasu Kishori Sangathane” and “Child Rights, Education and Action”.

The street play is being performed in villages of Koppal District. The performances of the street play started on October 19, 2022. The team performed in four villages on their very first day. The plan is to do a total of 80 performances in October and November. The street play will be performed in many villages of Koppal, Kukanur, and Yelaburga Taluks of Koppal district, North Karnataka. Each street play is usually followed by a discussion with the audience.

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