Samagra Shikshana Shale

Samagra Shikshana Shale, Bengaluru (SSS-B) offers Summer Intensive

SSS-B recognizes the importance of education for children from all walks of life. Committed to bridging the opportunity gap, SSS-B offers a unique Summer Intensive program designed to empower children from vulnerable communities in Koppal and Bengaluru. This program provides high-quality academic enrichment opportunities, equipping students with the tools they need to not only succeed in school but also thrive in their future endeavours.

By focusing on core academic skills in Math, Science, English, and Computers, the Summer Intensive aims to reinforce foundational knowledge and close the learning gap. Engaging classes ensure a comprehensive understanding of these crucial subjects, preparing students for the academic rigor that lies ahead. Through workshops, interactive sessions, and exposure to new concepts, the program sparks curiosity and ignites a passion for learning. This not only equips students with critical thinking skills but also cultivates a lifelong love of knowledge. By fostering positive interactions and celebrating individual strengths, the program helps students build confidence and self-esteem. This empowers them to take ownership of their learning journey and discover their true potential.

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Samagara Shikshana Shale (SSS) is a formal school recognized by the Government of Karnataka. It is located at Visthar – Koppal campus.  SSS offers education up to class 5 for children from near-by villages. Established in 2013-14, the school aims to build self-confidence in children with a sensitivity towards social and ecological values. With an individual focus on each child, the school brings out their creativity, encourages self-expression and leadership qualities. SSS also serves as a bridge school for the children from Bandhavi. Post their completion of studies in SSS, the children are enrolled in Public Schools.