Kanasu Kishori Sanghatane turns 1 year old

We completed the first year of the Kanasu Kishori Sanghatane (KKS) initiative recently. This has been a year of learning and growth for our community-based programs in Koppal, North-Karnataka.

KKS is a program for the empowerment of adolescent girls, initiated by Visthar in partnership with APPI. The program addresses issues of violence, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition and education from a rights and justice perspective.

“We have been collectivising all the adolescent girls in Kukkanoor Taluk through this initiative”, says Asha Shirady. “Over 5000 girls from 15 Panchayats are members of KKS Sanghas in their villages. Last year they became more conscious of gender inequality and violence. They are learning how to resist violence collectively.”

Neha, a member of the Sanghatane sums up the spirit nicely: “I love the discussions we have every week. I have become more confident and speak up more against injustice”

“Our Sanghas works with different stakeholders to protect the rights of girls”, adds Nazar PS. “The KKS campaign against Gender-Based Violence used street theatre to engage with parents in the community.”

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