We bid farewell to Francoise Bosteels, the artist who tells stories with her dolls. Francoise is returning to Europe after nearly 50 years in India. During these years Francoise touched the lives of many with her life’s work.

On July 8 Visthar hosted a farewell celebration bringing together several of Francoise’ friends from her time in India. We had a meaningful time with songs, dance, speeches, and food.

Sister Elsie who has journeyed with Francoise since 1972 framed Francoise’ art of storytelling with dolls as a means to overcome the barriers of language that Francoise had to struggle with.  Jane Sahi, another old friend, introduced the new memoir that Francoise has written.

Francoise responded with a touching and thoughtful response. Some of us teared up as we listened to her express her hopes and concerns about the future.

Everyone joined in the communal dance as the celebrations came to a close.

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