The Bhoomi Habba is Round the Corner 

This coming Saturday, June 4, we will be celebrating the Bhoomi Habba in the Visthar campus. The purpose of this annual earth festival is to raise awareness about environmental issues and provide a platform for those producing sustainable alternatives to reach citizens of Bengaluru.  

We expect over 2500 participants this year. And the campus is getting ready to receive them. The campus is humming with activity – cleaning and decorating the campus, setting up art installations, co-ordinating with stall owners and workshop facilitators. 

Mahesh, Jeena, Ganesh and Arpan from Visthar Lalit Kala Kendra (Center for Fine Arts) are busy preparing terracotta pots. Similarly, Visthar’s paper recycling unit Srujana is preparing products to showcase during Bhoomi Habba. Many friends of Visthar decided to join us voluntarily and created all of the Posters and banners around the campus.  

A team of 40+ staff and alumni from our Koppal campus arrived a few days ago. Their energy is infectious; they are beautifying the campus further and preparing theatre performances for the Habba.  

Also going up are tents for stalls and workshops. There will be 60+ stalls which sells variety of eco-friendly, recycled and upcycled products including food material, jewellery, clothes, skin care products and treat for your taste buds and over 15 workshops this year.  

Please join us for the Bhoomi Habba if you are in Bengaluru on June 4th. Please see more updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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