Leading the Way, Under the Vista of Stars

A few months ago we wrote about the training manual we are preparing for staff of DV Shelter Homes. This week, we piloted the training manual within the LCN network to get feedback and strengthen the manual.

Lamlynti Chittara Neralu (LCN), you might recall, is a network of feminist organizations working for rights-based shelter homes for women and transgender survivors of violence. The name is coined from three languages and means “To Lead the Way to a Shelter under the Vista of Stars” Beautiful, isn’t it?

The 3-day pilot workshop with the LCN team was a lot of fun. A month earlier, each organization was assigned one session from the manual to facilitate. So everyone came prepared for the workshop.

Over the three days, we went through the sessions closely. After each session was facilitated, we took time off to discuss what went well, and what needs to be changed. We will now integrate that feedback also into the training manual.

My favourite session was the last one – envisioning the rights-based shelter home we want to see. Everyone’s creativity was in full bloom and we had a lot of laughter and dance. We can’t wait to bring out the final training manual.

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