Gender and Intersectionality: GDST 2024

The 15th edition of the month-long course on Gender, Diversity, and Social Transformation (GDST) is being held at Visthar, from July 1st. This annual programme is a transformative journey for participants from diverse backgrounds who share a common goal – creating a more just and equitable world.

GDST delves into the complexities of gender, sexuality, caste, class, disability and other social identities. The course equips participants with an intersectional lens, a powerful tool for analysing social issues by recognising the interconnectedness of various forms of oppression. Through interactive sessions, participants learn to lead with a gender-transformative approach within their organisations and communities

We explore critical contemporary debates on gender justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and disability, fostering a deeper understanding of the evolving socio-cultural landscape. The course also examines how global forces like pandemics and economic shifts impact gender relations, equipping participants to navigate these challenges effectively. This intensive program attracts professionals from various parts of the country and from

overseas. We have had 300+ participants from Civil Society Organizations, Human Rights Commissions, Educational Institutions, Community Organizations, and Social Movements from over 30 countries. Their diverse perspectives enrich the program, fostering a dynamic learning  environment.

The Visthar faculty, including Mercy Kappen, Rajkumari Nimbale, and Roshen Chandran, bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to every session. We are also fortunate to have renowned guest facilitators like Ranjani K Murthy, an independent researcher and author,Dr Sekhar Seshadri from NIMHANS and educationist Dr David Selvaraj. Women’s rights and

LGBTQI+++ rights activists and scholars with in-depth involvement such as Madhu Bhushan (SIEDS Collective), Rajesh Srinivas (Sangama) and Akkai Padmashali and team from Ondede, share their unique insights, enriching the program with real-world perspectives.

The impact of the GDST course extends far beyond the classroom. Here are a few testimonials from past participants:

“A new generation of leaders from Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia re-imagined what a world of equality/justice and love looks like for all of us. It was an amazing journey with some very talented folx. The facilitating team from Visthar created a nurturing, non- judgemental and happy environment to learn, unlearn and relearn” Meghana Rao, Feminist Activist, India, GDST 2023

“GDST has changed the lens with which I view gender, caste, class, disability, and sexuality by building an intersectional perspective. The deeply reflective, participatory, compassionate and feedback-driven pedagogy made the learning effective and understandable.” Malini Krishnanunni, Coordinator, Azad Foundation, GDST 2023

These are just a few examples of how GDST empowers individuals to become agents of change, far beyond the classroom. Let’s create a world where diversity is celebrated, and social justice becomes a reality.

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Gender, Diversity and Social Transformation

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