A Training Manual for DV Shelter Homes

Lam-Lynti Chittara Neralu (LCN) is a national network working towards improved and rights-based shelter homes for survivors of violence. Visthar as part of network, is currently developing a training manual for staff of DV Shelter Homes.

DV Shelter Homes play a vital role in addressing gender based violence. But there is a huge shortage of shelter homes in India, and the few who exist are inadequately funded. Hence, staff of most shelter homes are overworked and do not get adequate training. This training manual is intended to bridge that gap. We hope to make available a training manual that can be used by LCN and others to train staff of shelter homes.

The training manual we are developing follows an intersectional, rights-based approach. We try to sensitize participants to the multiple forms of oppression that survivors of violence might be dealing with – gender, caste, class, sexuality, disability, etc. It recognizes that staff of shelter homes also work in difficult conditions and have multiple constraints. Following the principles of feminist pedagogy, each lesson plan enables participants to build on their shared knowledge and experience.

We are also trying to ensure queer sensitivity in every lesson plan. Sexual and gender minorities rarely use DV shelter homes for fear of discrimination and stigma. Our shelter homes need to change. Only then will sexual and gender minorities feel comfortable accessing the services of shelter homes.

We expect the training manual to be ready in the next few months. We will be posting that online once it’s ready. Stay tuned!

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