Founded in 1989, Visthar is a secular Civil Society Organization committed to social justice and peace. We recognize that the physical and mental well-being of individuals and communities are affected by multiple social inequalities. We thus respond to issues of gender discrimination, social exclusion, and poverty.

Our feminist training and resource center is located in a serene six-acre campus, an eco-sanctuary outside Bengaluru city. Our community initiatives branch out from a similar campus in Koppal district of North Karnataka.

Our journey began as a national resource center building the capacities of community organizers, social movements, and public institutions. We have trained thousands of students, teachers, activists, and professionals on gender and social inclusion.

As a resource center, we were involved in community action since the beginning. Recognizing that the violence Devadasi women experience is at the intersection of gender, caste, and class injustices, we expanded our community work to North Karnataka in 2005.

Visthar’s community-based action has grown in the last 15 years. It now reaches 200+ villages and 100+ government schools. We work with grassroots communities, schools, and local governments to address gender, caste and class injustices.